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Interior & Exterior Trim

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Make Your Home Shine With Trim Repair & Replacements

From simple furnishments to ornate embellishments, your home’s interior and exterior trim can make a statement in a wide range of designs. Regardless of the size or style of your home’s detailed elements, it falls on you to have a smooth and clean finish. Residential trim can make or break the beauty of any property when it comes time to sell, so be sure you take the right steps to restore your home’s shine!

RDC Home Services Inc offers clean, seamless results for every home design. Our contractors specialize in interior and exterior trim services to create a quality look complete with lasting protection from water intrusion, bugs, and more. We will work in an honest and professional manner to provide advice for how to beautify your home moving forward.



Remedy Aesthetic & Safety Issues

In addition to being an eyesore, old or otherwise damaged trim and moulding can be a safety concern. RDC Home Services Inc offers professional trim repairs and replacements to protect your property for the long haul. Our attention to detail ensures that you get what your home is worth and more when it comes time to sell!

For caring and precise treatment of the damaged trim in or on your home, turn to our home improvement team in Raleigh for complete peace of mind. Get in touch with us and be sure to request your service quote!